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Joe Tye,

America's Values Coach


Joe Tye
America’s Values Coach

Values-based life and leadership skills training and coaching for corporate and association clients.

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Joe Tye is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with the vitally important mission of helping people re-spark the spirit of purpose in their work and the spirit of adventure in their lives.

All Hands on Deck by Joe Tye

All Hands on Deck:

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The Twelve Core Action Values – for an inspirational employee event or an intensive values initiative.

The Twelve Core Action Values is a comprehensive and systematic approach to helping people crystallize their own guiding values, and then implement actions to help them better reflect those values in their work and in their lives.

By focusing on personal values that apply to every dimension of an individual’s life and work, business and nonprofit leaders can gain greater commitment to their organizational values, vision, mission and goals.

Joe has worked with organizations across North America, and has helped thousands of people pursue their goals by living their values. He is an inspired and inspiring speaker and teacher with a great ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization.

A proven track record of helping organizations with:

  • Recruiting and retention success
  • A more positive workplace climate
  • Customer service excellence
  • Productivity improvements
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Personal development

“The Twelve Core Action Values is a great way to cultivate and nurture leadership talent at every level of an organization.”
David G. Altman, Ph.D.
VP, Research & Innovation
Center for Creative Leadership

A Great Investment in Your People, and in Your Organization!

Recruiting and Retention
Making this visible commitment to helping your people be more successful in their personal lives will help you recruit and retain the type of people for whom values really matter. We have also created custom tools for recruiting and retention for a number of different organizations.

Positive Workplace Environment
One of the profound impacts The Twelve Core Action Values has achieved in many organizations is to make people more aware of the prevalence, and the emotional toxicity, of environmental negativity (e.g. casual complaining and gratuitous criticism). Spark Plugs have used a variety of mechanisms to help colleagues change their attitudes and behaviors for the better, and these interventions uniformly help people in their personal lives and foster a more positive and productive workplace environment.

Customer Service Excellence
The best way to achieve sustained customer service excellence is not necessarily another customer service program, but rather encouraging people to internalize such core values as Mission, Enthusiasm, and Service - not just for the benefit of the customer, but because it will improve their own lives. Great customer service will be a natural and inevitable byproduct.

“Drive fear out of the workplace” was one of Dr. Deming’s 14 points for total quality management. The principles and strategies of Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times that are included in this training will help people more courageously confront problems and more creatively innovate solutions.

Productivity and Stewardship
As our emphasis on helping people be more effective stewards of their own time, money, and emotional energy takes hold, it will raise consciousness of opportunities to also be better stewards of the organization’s resources.

As we help participants learn skills to “think outside of the box” in their personal lives, we find that they invariably begin thinking more creatively about functions and processes in the workplace as well.

The Twelve Core Action Values creates common expectations for personal attitudes and behaviors in the workplace, and serves as a useful guide for decision-making and conflict resolution. Spark Plug training helps managers at all levels be more effective as leaders, and helps you identify emerging leadership talent within the organization.

Values-Based Leadership
The Twelve Core Action Values helps you foster the four key dimensions of values-based leadership - Character, Expectations, Fellowship, and Quest - so that you have leadership in every corner, not just in the corner office.

Risk Management
Some of the most serious business failures of recent years have resulted from people acting in a way that is contrary to basic values. By sharing The Twelve Core Action Values with the members of your team, you reinforce your expectations that people will act with honor and integrity.

Personal Development
People want to change for the better, but will usually only make the effort when it’s clearly in their interest, and not just because it’s in the interest of the organization they work for. When an organization helps people become more positive and effective in their roles as parents, time and money managers, and emotional and spiritual beings, those people will almost automatically become more effective workers as a result, and their example will serve as a spark for others.

The Twelve Core Action Values is an intensive curriculum, because motivating people to achieve sustained success takes more than a pep rally.

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